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Vendor ID: 0x1000
This is: Broadcom / LSI

List of devices and subsystems:

PCI DevicePCI SubVendorPCI SubDeviceName
000110001000LSI53C810AE PCI to SCSI I/O Processor
000310001000LSI53C825AE PCI to SCSI I/O Processor (Ultra Wide)
000610001000LSI53C860E PCI to Ultra SCSI I/O Processor
000a0e11b143Integrated Dual Channel Wide Ultra2 SCSI Controller
000a10001000LSI53C1510 PCI to Dual Channel Wide Ultra2 SCSI Controller (Nonintelligent mode)
000b0e116004EOB003 Series SCSI host adapter
000b10001000LSI53C896/7 PCI to Dual Channel Ultra2 SCSI Multifunction Controller
000b10001010LSI22910 PCI to Dual Channel Ultra2 SCSI host adapter
000b10001020LSI21002 PCI to Dual Channel Ultra2 SCSI host adapter
000b13e910006221L-4U (Dual U2W SCSI, dual 10/100TX, graphics)
000c10001010LSI8951U PCI to Ultra2 SCSI host adapter
000c10001020LSI8952U PCI to Ultra2 SCSI host adapter
000c1de13906DC-390U2B SCSI adapter
000f0e117004Embedded Ultra Wide SCSI Controller
000f10001000LSI53C876/E PCI to Dual Channel SCSI Controller
000f10001010LSI22801 PCI to Dual Channel Ultra SCSI host adapter
000f10001020LSI22802 PCI to Dual Channel Ultra SCSI host adapter
000f10928760FirePort 40 Dual SCSI Controller
000f177510d0V5D Single Board Computer Wide Ultra SCSI
000f177510d1V5D Single Board Computer Ultra SCSI
000f1de13904DC390F/U Ultra Wide SCSI Adapter
000f4c531000CC7/CR7/CP7/VC7/VP7/VR7 mainboard
000f4c531050CT7 mainboard
00100e114040Integrated Smart Array Controller
00100e114048RAID LC2 Controller
00101000100053C1510 PCI to Dual Channel Wide Ultra2 SCSI Controller (Intelligent mode)
001210001000LSI53C895A PCI to Ultra2 SCSI Controller
001310001000LSI53C875A PCI to Ultra SCSI Controller
0014MegaRAID Tri-Mode SAS3516
001410009460MegaRAID 9460-16i
001410009480MegaRAID 9480-8i8e
001410009481MegaRAID 9480-8e
001410281f3aPERC H745 Adapter
001410281f3bPERC H745 Front
001410281fd4PERC H745P MX
00141137020eUCSC-RAID-M5 12G Modular RAID Controller
00141d490602ThinkSystem RAID 930-16i 4GB Flash PCIe 12Gb Adapter
00141d490604ThinkSystem RAID 930-8e 4GB Flash PCIe 12Gb Adapter
00141d490607ThinkSystem RAID 930-16i 8GB Flash PCIe 12Gb Adapter
00148086352dIntegrated RAID Module RMSP3AD160F
001480869460RAID Controller RSP3TD160F
001480869480RAID Controller RSP3MD088F
0015MegaRAID Tri-Mode SAS3416
001510009441MegaRAID 9440-16i
001510281f3cPERC H345 Adapter
001510281f3dPERC H345 Front
00151d490503ThinkSystem RAID 530-16i PCIe 12Gb Adapter
0016MegaRAID Tri-Mode SAS3508
001610009461MegaRAID 9460-8i
001610009462MegaRAID 9460-4i
001610009463MegaRAID 9365-28i
001610009464MegaRAID 9365-24i
001610281fc9PERC H840 Adapter
001610281fcbPERC H740P Adapter
001610281fcdPERC H740P Mini
001610281fcfPERC H740P Mini
00161d490601ThinkSystem RAID 930-8i 2GB Flash PCIe 12Gb Adapter
00161d490603ThinkSystem RAID 930-24i 4GB Flash PCIe 12Gb Adapter
00168086352eIntegrated RAID Module RMSP3CD080F
00168086352fIntegrated RAID Module RMSP3HD080E
001680869461RAID Controller RSP3DD080F
0017MegaRAID Tri-Mode SAS3408
001710009440MegaRAID 9440-8i
001710009442MegaRAID 9440-4i
00171d490500ThinkSystem RAID 530-8i PCIe 12Gb Adapter
00171d490502ThinkSystem RAID 530-8i Dense Adapter
001780863528Integrated RAID RMSP3LD060
001780863529Integrated RAID RMSP3LD060
001780869441RAID Controller RSP3WD080E
001bMegaRAID Tri-Mode SAS3504
001b1d490605ThinkSystem RAID 930-4i 2GB Flash Flex Adapter
001cMegaRAID Tri-Mode SAS3404
001c1d490501ThinkSystem RAID 530-4i Flex Adapter
002053c1010 Ultra3 SCSI Adapter
002010001000LSI53C1010-33 PCI to Dual Channel Ultra160 SCSI Controller
0020107b1040Server Onboard 53C1010-33
002153c1010 66MHz Ultra3 SCSI Adapter
002110001000LSI53C1000/1000R/1010R/1010-66 PCI to Ultra160 SCSI Controller
002110001010Asus TR-DLS onboard 53C1010-66
0021103c1300Ultra160 SCSI [AB306A]
0021103c1310Ultra160 SCSI [A9918A]
0021103c1330Ultra160 SCSI [A7059A]
0021103c1340Ultra160 SCSI [A7060A]
00214c531080CT8 mainboard
00214c531300P017 mezzanine (32-bit PMC)
00214c531310P017 mezzanine (64-bit PMC)
002fMegaRAID SAS 2208 IOV [Thunderbolt]
002f10281f3eSPERC 8
003053c1030 PCI-X Fusion-MPT Dual Ultra320 SCSI
00300e1100daProLiant ML 350
003010280123LSI Logic 1020/1030
00301028014aLSI Logic 1020/1030
00301028016cPowerEdge 1850 MPT Fusion SCSI/RAID (Perc 4)
003010280183LSI Logic 1020/1030
00301028018aPERC 4/IM
003010281010LSI U320 SCSI Controller
0030103c12c5Ultra320 SCSI [A7173A]
0030103c1323Core I/O LAN/SCSI Combo [AB314A]
0030103c3108Single Channel Ultra320 SCSI HBA G2
0030103c322aSC11Xe Ultra320 Single Channel PCIe x4 SCSI Host Bus Adapter (412911-B21)
003015ad1976LSI Logic Parallel SCSI Controller
Comment:# VMware's emulation of this device. Was missing from the list.
003017341052PRIMERGY BX/RX/TX S2 series onboard SCSI(IME)
003153c1030ZC PCI-X Fusion-MPT Dual Ultra320 SCSI
003253c1035 PCI-X Fusion-MPT Dual Ultra320 SCSI
003210001000LSI53C1020/1030 PCI-X to Ultra320 SCSI Controller
00331030ZC_53c1035 PCI-X Fusion-MPT Dual Ultra320 SCSI
004053c1035 PCI-X Fusion-MPT Dual Ultra320 SCSI
004010000033MegaRAID SCSI 320-2XR
004010000066MegaRAID SCSI 320-2XRWS
004153C1035ZC PCI-X Fusion-MPT Dual Ultra320 SCSI
0050SAS1064 PCI-X Fusion-MPT SAS
005010281f04SAS 5/E
005010281f09SAS 5i/R
0052MegaRAID SAS-3 3216/3224 [Cutlass]
0053MegaRAID SAS-3 3216/3224 [Cutlass]
005310009350MegaRAID SAS 9341-16i
005310009351MegaRAID SAS 9341-24i
0054SAS1068 PCI-X Fusion-MPT SAS
005410281f04SAS 5/E Adapter Controller
005410281f05SAS 5/i Adapter Controller
005410281f06SAS 5/i Integrated Controller
005410281f07SAS 5/iR Integrated RAID Controller
005410281f08SAS 5/iR Integrated RAID Controller
005410281f09SAS 5/iR Adapter RAID Controller
005415ad1976SAS Controller
0055SAS1068 PCI-X Fusion-MPT SAS
0056SAS1064ET PCI-Express Fusion-MPT SAS
0056101403bbServeRAID BR10il SAS/SATA Controller v2
0056808634dcAXX4SASMOD RAID Controller
0057M1064E MegaRAID SAS
00578086346cEmbedded Software RAID Technology II (ESTRII)
0058SAS1068E PCI-Express Fusion-MPT SAS
005810003140SAS3081E-R 8-Port SAS/SATA Host Bus Adapter
00581028021dSAS 6/iR Integrated Workstations RAID Controller
005810281f0eSAS 6/iR Adapter RAID Controller
005810281f0fSAS 6/iR Integrated Blades RAID Controller
005810281f10SAS 6/iR Integrated RAID Controller
0058103c3229SC44Ge Host Bus Adapter
0059MegaRAID SAS 8208ELP/8208ELP
005aSAS1066E PCI-Express Fusion-MPT SAS
005bMegaRAID SAS 2208 [Thunderbolt]
005b10009265MegaRAID SAS 9265-8i
005b10009266MegaRAID SAS 9266-8i
005b10009267MegaRAID SAS 9267-8i
005b10009268MegaRAID SAS 9265CV-8i / 9270CV-8i
005b10009269MegaRAID SAS 9266-4i
005b10009270MegaRAID SAS 9270-8i
005b10009271MegaRAID SAS 9271-8i
005b10009272MegaRAID SAS 9272-8i
005b10009273MegaRAID SAS 9270CV-8i
005b10009274MegaRAID SAS 9270-4i
005b10009275MegaRAID SAS 9271-8iCC
005b10009276MegaRAID SAS 9271-4i
005b10009285MegaRAID SAS 9285-8e
005b10009288MegaRAID SAS 9285CV-8e
005b10009290MegaRAID SAS 9286-8e
005b10009291MegaRAID SAS 9286CV-8e
005b10009295MegaRAID SAS 9286CV-8eCC
005b1014040bServeRAID M5110 SAS/SATA Controller
005b1014040cServeRAID M5120 SAS/SATA Controller
005b10140412ServeRAID M5110e SAS/SATA Controller
005b10281f2dPERC H810 Adapter
005b10281f30PERC H710 Embedded
005b10281f31PERC H710P Adapter
005b10281f33PERC H710P Mini (for blades)
005b10281f34PERC H710P Mini (for monolithics)
005b10281f35PERC H710 Adapter
005b10281f37PERC H710 Mini (for blades)
005b10281f38PERC H710 Mini (for monolithics)
005b15d90690LSI MegaRAID ROMB
005b80863510RMS25PB080 RAID Controller
005b80863511RMS25PB040 RAID Controller
005b80863512RMT3PB080 RAID Controller
005b80863513Integrated RAID Module RMS25CB080
005b80863514RMS25CB040 RAID Controller
005b8086351cRMS25PB080N RAID Controller
005b8086351dRMS25CB080N RAID Controller
005b80869265RS25DB080 RAID Controller
005b80869268RS25AB080 RAID Controller
005b80869285RS25NB008 RAID Controller
005b80869288RS25SB008 RAID Controller
005cSAS1064A PCI-X Fusion-MPT SAS
005dMegaRAID SAS-3 3108 [Invader]
005d10009361MegaRAID SAS 9361-8i
005d10009363MegaRAID SAS 9361-4i
005d10009364MegaRAID SAS 9364-8i
005d1000936aMegaRAID SAS 9364-8i
005d10009380MegaRAID SAS 9380-8e
005d10281f41PERC H830 Adapter
005d10281f42PERC H730P Adapter
005d10281f43PERC H730 Adapter
005d10281f47PERC H730P Mini
005d10281f48PERC H730P Mini (for blades)
005d10281f49PERC H730 Mini
005d10281f4aPERC H730 Mini (for blades)
005d10281f4dPERC FD33xS
005d10281f4fPERC H730P Slim
005d10281f54PERC FD33xD
005d10281fd1PERC H730P MX
005d17aa1052ThinkServer RAID 720i
005d17aa1053ThinkServer RAID 720ix
005d1bd4001412G SAS3108 2G
005d1bd4001512G SAS3108 4G
005d1d490600ThinkSystem RAID 730-8i 1GB Cache PCIe 12Gb Adapter
005d1d490608ThinkSystem RAID 730-8i 2GB Flash PCIe 12Gb Adapter
005d1d490609ThinkSystem RAID 730-8i 4GB Flash PCIe 12Gb Adapter
005d8086351eRMS3CC080 RAID Controller
005d8086351fRMS3CC040 RAID Controller
005d80869360RS3DC080 RAID Controller
005d80869362RS3DC040 RAID Controller
005d80869380RS3SC008 RAID Controller
005d80869381RS3MC044 RAID Controller
005eSAS1066 PCI-X Fusion-MPT SAS
005fMegaRAID SAS-3 3008 [Fury]
005f10281f44PERC H330 Adapter
005f10281f4bPERC H330 Mini
005f10281f4cPERC H330 Mini (for blades)
005f10281f4dPERC H330 Embedded (for monolithic)
005f1054306aSAS 3004 iMR ROMB
005f17341211PRAID CP400i [D3307-A12]
005f1d4904dbServeRAID M1210 SAS/SATA Controller
005f1d490504ThinkSystem RAID 520-8i PCIe 12Gb Adapter
0060MegaRAID SAS 1078
006010001006MegaRAID SAS 8888ELP
00601000100aMegaRAID SAS 8708ELP
00601000100eMegaRAID SAS 8884E
00601000100fMegaRAID SAS 8708E
006010001010MegaRAID SATA 350-8ELP
006010001011MegaRAID SATA 350-4ELP
006010001012MegaRAID SAS 8704ELP
006010001016MegaRAID SAS 8880EM2
006010140363MegaRAID SAS PCI Express ROMB
006010140364SystemX MegaRAID SAS 8808E
006010140365SystemX MegaRAID SAS 8884E
006010140379SystemX MegaRAID SAS 8880EM2
006010281f0aPERC 6/E Adapter RAID Controller
006010281f0bPERC 6/i Adapter RAID Controller
006010281f0cPERC 6/i Integrated RAID Controller
006010281f0dPERC 6/i Integrated RAID Controller
006010281f11CERC 6/i Integrated RAID Controller
00601033835aMegaRAID SAS PCI Express ROMB
00601043824dMegaRAID SAS PCI Express ROMB
00601170002fMegaRAID SAS PCI Express ROMB
006011700036MegaRAID SAS PCI Express ROMB
006015d9c080MegaRAID SAS PCI Express ROMB
006017aa6b7cMegaRAID SAS PCI Express ROMB
006018a10003LSI MegaRAID SAS PCI Express ROMB
006080861006RAID Controller SRCSAS28EP
00608086100aRAID Controller SRCSAS28EV
006080861010RAID Controller SRCSATA28E
0060808634ccIntegrated RAID Controller SROMBSAS28E
0060808634cdIntegrated RAID Controller SROMBSAS28E
006080863505Integrated RAID Controller SROMBSASMP2
0062SAS1078 PCI-Express Fusion-MPT SAS
006210000062SAS1078 PCI-Express Fusion-MPT SAS
0064SAS2116 PCI-Express Fusion-MPT SAS-2 [Meteor]
0064100030309200-16e 6Gb/s SAS/SATA PCIe x8 External HBA
0064100030c0SAS 9201-16i
0064100030d09201-16e 6Gb/s SAS/SATA PCIe x8 External HBA
0065SAS2116 PCI-Express Fusion-MPT SAS-2 [Meteor]
006eSAS2308 PCI-Express Fusion-MPT SAS-2
0070SAS2004 PCI-Express Fusion-MPT SAS-2 [Spitfire]
00701014040eServeRAID H1110
0071MR SAS HBA 2004
0072SAS2008 PCI-Express Fusion-MPT SAS-2 [Falcon]
0072100030809200-8e [LSI SAS 6Gb/s SAS/SATA PCIe x8 External HBA]
0072100030b09200-8e [LSI SAS 6Gb/s SAS/SATA PCIe x8 External HBA]
0072101403caIBM 6Gb SAS HBA [9212-4i4e]
007210281f1c6Gbps SAS HBA Adapter
007210281f1dPERC H200 Adapter
007210281f1ePERC H200 Integrated
007210281f1fPERC H200 Modular
007210281f20PERC H200 Embedded
007210281f22PERC H200 Internal Tape Adapter
007217341177HBA Ctrl SAS 6G 0/1 [D2607]
Comment:# Fujitsu D2607 SAS2008 HBA controller
00721bd4000d6G SAS2008IT
00721bd4000e6G SAS2008IR
00721bd4000f6G SAS2008IT SA5248
00721bd400106G SAS2008IR SA5248
00728086350fRMS2LL040 RAID Controller
007280863700SSD 910 Series
0073MegaRAID SAS 2008 [Falcon]
007310009240MegaRAID SAS 9240-8i
007310009241MegaRAID SAS 9240-4i
0073100092a0MegaRAID SAS 9220-8i
0073101403b1ServeRAID M1015 SAS/SATA Controller
00731014040dServeRAID M1115 SAS/SATA Controller
007310281f4ePERC H310 Adapter
007310281f4fPERC H310 Integrated
007310281f50PERC H310 Mini Blades
007310281f51PERC H310 Mini Monolithics
007310281f52PERC H310 Embedded1
007310281f53PERC H310 Embedded2
007310281f54PERC H310 Reserved
007310281f78PERC H310
007310543035LSI MegaRAID SAS 9240-8i
0073113700722004 iMR ROMB
0073113700732008 ROMB
0073113700b0UCSC RAID SAS 2008M-8i
0073113700b1UCSC RAID SAS 2008M-8i
0073113700c2UCS E-Series Double Wide
0073113700c3UCS E-Series Single Wide
007315d90400Supermicro SMC2008-iMR
007317341177RAID Ctrl SAS 6G 0/1 (D2607)
007317aa1051ThinkServer RAID 510i
00738086350dRMS2AF040 RAID Controller
007380869240RAID Controller RS2WC080
007380869241RAID Controller RS2WC040
0074SAS2108 PCI-Express Fusion-MPT SAS-2 [Liberator]
0076SAS2108 PCI-Express Fusion-MPT SAS-2 [Liberator]
0077SAS2108 PCI-Express Fusion-MPT SAS-2 [Liberator]
0079MegaRAID SAS 2108 [Liberator]
007910009251MegaRAID SAS 9260-4ix
007910009256MegaRAID SAS 9260-8ix
007910009260MegaRAID SAS 9260-4i
007910009261MegaRAID SAS 9260-8i
007910009262MegaRAID SAS 9262-8i
007910009263MegaRAID SAS 9261-8i
007910009264MegaRAID SAS 9264-8i
007910009267MegaRAID SAS 9260CV-4i
007910009268MegaRAID SAS 9260CV-8i
007910009275MegaRAID SAS 9280-8ex
007910009280MegaRAID SAS 9280-8e
007910009281MegaRAID SAS 9281-8E
007910009282MegaRAID SAS 9280-4i4e
007910009290MegaRAID SAS 9280DE-24i4e
0079101403b2ServeRAID M5015 SAS/SATA Controller
0079101403b3ServeRAID M5025 SAS/SATA Controller
007910281f15PERC H800 Adapter
007910281f16PERC H700 Adapter
007910281f17PERC H700 Integrated
007910281f18PERC H700 Modular
007910281f1aPERC H800 Proto Adapter
007910281f1bPERC H700 Integrated
007910438480PIKE-2108 16PD
007917341176RAID Ctrl SAS 6G 5/6 512MB (D2616)
007917341177RAID Ctrl SAS 6G 0/1 (D2607)
00798086350bRMS2MH080 RAID Controller
007980869256MegaRAID SAS 9260DE-8i RS2BL080DE
007980869260RAID Controller RS2BL040
007980869261RAID Controller RS2BL080
007980869264RAID Controller RT3WB080 Warm Beach (Caster Lite)
007980869267RAID Controller RS2VB040
007980869268RAID Controller RS2VB080
007980869275RAID Controller RS2PI008DE
007980869276RAID Controller RS2WG160
007980869280RAID Controller RS2PI008
007980869282RAID Controller RS2MB044
007980869290RAID Controller RS2SG244
007cMegaRAID SAS 1078DE
007c10140395ServeRAID-AR10is SAS/SATA Controller
007eSSS6200 PCI-Express Flash SSD
007e10000504Nytro NWD-BLP4-800
007e10000507Nytro NWD-BLP4-1600
007e10000581Nytro NWD-BLP4-400
007e1000100dNytro NWD-BFH6-1200
007e1000100eNytro NWD-BFH8-1600
007e1000107eNytro NWD-BFH8-3200
007e10001310Nytro XP6302-8B1536
007e10001311Nytro XP6302-8B2048
007e10001314Nytro XP6302-8B4096
007e1000150cNytro XP6210-4A2048
007e1000150fNytro XP6210-4B2048
007e1000160bNytro XP6209-4A1024
007e10001613Nytro XP6209-4B2048
007e108e050aNytro ELP4x200_4d_n
007e108e0581Nytro ELP4x100_4d_n
0080SAS2208 PCI-Express Fusion-MPT SAS-2
0081SAS2208 PCI-Express Fusion-MPT SAS-2
0082SAS2208 PCI-Express Fusion-MPT SAS-2
0083SAS2208 PCI-Express Fusion-MPT SAS-2
0084SAS2208 PCI-Express Fusion-MPT SAS-2
0085SAS2208 PCI-Express Fusion-MPT SAS-2
0086SAS2308 PCI-Express Fusion-MPT SAS-2
008615d90690Onboard MegaRAID SAS2208 [Thunderbolt]
008615d90691Onboard SAS2308 PCI-Express Fusion-MPT SAS-2
0087SAS2308 PCI-Express Fusion-MPT SAS-2
0087100030209207-8i SAS2.1 HBA
0087100030409207-8e SAS2.1 HBA
008710140472N2125 External Host Bus Adapter
008715900042H221 / 9207-8e
00871bd400096G SAS2308IR
00871bd4000a6G SAS2308IT
008780863000RS25GB008 RAID Controller
008780863060RS25FB044 RAID Controller
008780863516RMS25JB080 RAID Controller
008780863517RMS25JB040 RAID Controller
008780863518RMS25KB080 RAID Controller
008780863519RMS25KB040 RAID Controller
00878086351aRMS25LB040 RAID Controller
00878086351bRMS25LB080 RAID Controller
008f10928000FirePort 40 SCSI Controller
008f10928760FirePort 40 Dual SCSI Host Adapter
0090SAS3108 PCI-Express Fusion-MPT SAS-3
0091SAS3108 PCI-Express Fusion-MPT SAS-3
0094SAS3108 PCI-Express Fusion-MPT SAS-3
0095SAS3108 PCI-Express Fusion-MPT SAS-3
0096SAS3004 PCI-Express Fusion-MPT SAS-3
0097SAS3008 PCI-Express Fusion-MPT SAS-3
009710003130SAS 9300-16i
009710281f45HBA330 Adapter
009710281f4612Gbps HBA
009710281f53HBA330 Mini
009710281fd2HBA330 MX
009710281fd3HBA330 MMZ
Comment:# Supermicro AOC-S3008L-L8e uses 0808 for their SAS3008 SAS controller
00971bd4000812G SAS3008IMR Onboard
00971bd4000b12G SAS3008IR
00971bd4000c12G SAS3008IT
00971bd40011Inspur 12Gb 8i-3008 IT SAS HBA
00971bd4001212Gb SAS3008IR UDM
00971bd4001f12G SAS3008IR Onboard
00971bd4002012G SAS3008IT Onboard
00971bd4002612G SAS3008IT RACK
00971bd4002712G SAS3008IMR RACK
00971bd4002812G SAS3008IR RACK
00a5Fusion-MPT 24GSAS/PCIe SAS40xx
00a510004600MegaRAID 9670W-16i Tri-Mode Storage Adapter
00a510004610MegaRAID 9670-24i Tri-Mode Storage Adapter
00a510004620MegaRAID 9660-16i Tri-Mode Storage Adapter
00a510004630MegaRAID 9660-8i8e Tri-Mode Storage Adapter
00a510004640eHBA 9600W-16i Tri-Mode Storage Adapter
00a510004650eHBA 9600W-16e Tri-Mode Storage Adapter
00a510004660eHBA 9600-24i Tri-Mode Storage Adapter
00a510004670eHBA 9600-16i Tri-Mode Storage Adapter
00a510004680eHBA 9600-16e Tri-Mode Storage Adapter
00a510004690MegaRAID 9620-16i Tri-Mode Storage Adapter
00a5100046a0MegaRAID 9660-24i Tri-Mode Storage Adapter
00a5100046c0eHBA 9680W-16e Tri-Mode Storage Adapter
00a5100046d0eHBA 9600-8i8e Tri-Mode Storage Adapter
00a510282114PERC H965 Adapter
00a510282115PERC H965 Front
00a510282117PERC H965 MX
00a51028213aPERC H965e Adapter
00a51028213bPERC H765 Adapter
00a51028213cPERC H765 Front
00a51028213dPERC H765N Front
00a51028213ePERC H765 MX
00a51028213fPERC H365 Adapter
00a510282140PERC H365 Front
00a510282141PERC H360 MX
00a510282142HBA 465e Adapter
00abSAS3516 Fusion-MPT Tri-Mode RAID On Chip (ROC)
00ab10003040HBA 9400-8i8e
Comment:# 8 Internal and 8 External port channel 9400 HBA
00ab80863530Integrated RAID Module RMSP3JD160J
00acSAS3416 Fusion-MPT Tri-Mode I/O Controller Chip (IOC)
00ac10003000HBA 9400-16i
Comment:# Channel 16 internal port HBA
00ac10003020HBA 9400-16e
Comment:# Channel 16 external port HBA
00ac10281fe3HBA345 Adapter
00ac10281fe4HBA345 Front
00ac1d490201ThinkSystem 430-16i SAS/SATA 12Gb HBA
00ac1d490203ThinkSystem 430-16e SAS/SATA 12Gb HBA
00ac80863000RAID Controller RSP3QD160J
00ac80863020RAID Controller RSP3GD016J
00aeSAS3508 Fusion-MPT Tri-Mode RAID On Chip (ROC)
00afSAS3408 Fusion-MPT Tri-Mode I/O Controller Chip (IOC)
00af10003010HBA 9400-8i
00af10003030HBA 9400-8e
Comment:# 9400 Channel 8 external port HBA
00af1d490200ThinkSystem 430-8i SAS/SATA 12Gb HBA
00af1d490202ThinkSystem 430-8e SAS/SATA 12Gb HBA
00af1d490204ThinkSystem 430-8i SAS/SATA 12Gb Dense HBA
00b2PCIe Switch management endpoint
00b21d490003ThinkSystem 1611-8P PCIe Gen4 NVMe Switch Adapter
00beSAS3504 Fusion-MPT Tri-Mode RAID On Chip (ROC)
00bfSAS3404 Fusion-MPT Tri-Mode I/O Controller Chip (IOC)
00c0SAS3324 PCI-Express Fusion-MPT SAS-3
00c1SAS3324 PCI-Express Fusion-MPT SAS-3
00c2SAS3324 PCI-Express Fusion-MPT SAS-3
00c3SAS3324 PCI-Express Fusion-MPT SAS-3
00c4SAS3224 PCI-Express Fusion-MPT SAS-3
Comment:# SAS 9305 16 internal port HBA
Comment:# SAS 9305 24 internal port HBA
00c411700002SAS3224 PCI Express to 12Gb HBA MEZZ CARD
00c5SAS3316 PCI-Express Fusion-MPT SAS-3
00c6SAS3316 PCI-Express Fusion-MPT SAS-3
00c7SAS3316 PCI-Express Fusion-MPT SAS-3
00c8SAS3316 PCI-Express Fusion-MPT SAS-3
00c9SAS3216 PCI-Express Fusion-MPT SAS-3
Comment:# 9305 16 external port SAS HBA
00ceMegaRAID SAS-3 3316 [Intruder]
00ce10009371MegaRAID SAS 9361-16i
00ce10009390MegaRAID SAS 9380-8i8e
00cfMegaRAID SAS-3 3324 [Intruder]
00cf10009370MegaRAID SAS 9361-24i
00d0SAS3716 Fusion-MPT Tri-Mode RAID Controller Chip (ROC)
00d010003050HBA 9405W-16i
Comment:# 9405W 16 internal port channel HBA
00d010003070HBA 9405W-8i8e
Comment:# 9405W 8 internal and 8 external port channel HBA
00d1SAS3616 Fusion-MPT Tri-Mode I/O Controller Chip (IOC)
00d110003080HBA 9405W-16e
Comment:# 9405W 16 external port Channel HBA
00d110003090HBA 9405W-16i
Comment:# 9405W 16 internal port Channel HBA
00d3MegaRAID Tri-Mode SAS3716W
00e0Fusion-MPT 12GSAS/PCIe Unsupported SAS39xx
00e1Fusion-MPT 12GSAS/PCIe SAS39xx
00e2Fusion-MPT 12GSAS/PCIe Secure SAS39xx
00e3Fusion-MPT 12GSAS/PCIe Unsupported SAS39xx
00e4Fusion-MPT 12GSAS/PCIe Unsupported SAS38xx
00e41028200bHBA355i Adapter Invalid
Comment:# Invalid part
00e41028200cHBA355i Front Invalid
Comment:# Invalid part
00e41028200dHBA355e Adapter Invalid
Comment:# Invalid part
00e41028200eHBA350i MX Invalid
Comment:# Invalid part
00e5Fusion-MPT 12GSAS/PCIe SAS38xx
Comment:# Soft Secure
00e51028200bHBA355i Adapter
Comment:# Soft Secure
00e51028200cHBA355i Front
Comment:# Soft Secure
00e51028200dHBA355e Adapter
Comment:# Soft Secure
00e51028200eHBA350i MX
Comment:# Soft Secure
00e51d490205ThinkSystem 440-16i SAS/SATA PCIe Gen4 12Gb Internal HBA
00e51d490206ThinkSystem 440-16e SAS/SATA PCIe Gen4 12Gb HBA
00e6Fusion-MPT 12GSAS/PCIe Secure SAS38xx
00e6100040509500-16i Tri-Mode HBA
00e6100040609500-8i Tri-Mode HBA
00e6100040709500-16e Tri-Mode HBA
00e6100040809500-8e Tri-Mode HBA
00e61028200bHBA355i Adapter
00e61028200cHBA355i Front
00e61028200dHBA355e Adapter
00e61028200eHBA350i MX
00e610282175HBA350i Adapter
00e61d490205ThinkSystem 440-16i SAS/SATA PCIe Gen4 12Gb Internal HBA
00e61d490206ThinkSystem 440-16e SAS/SATA PCIe Gen4 12Gb HBA
00e61d490207ThinkSystem 440-8i SAS/SATA PCIe Gen4 12Gb HBA
00e61d490208ThinkSystem 440-16i SAS/SATA PCIe Gen4 12Gb HBA
00e61d490209ThinkSystem 440-8e SAS/SATA PCIe Gen4 12Gb HBA
00e680864050Storage Controller RS3P4QF160F
00e680864070Storage Controller RS3P4GF016F
00e7Fusion-MPT 12GSAS/PCIe Unsupported SAS38xx
00e71028200bHBA355i Adapter Tampered
Comment:# Tampered part
00e71028200cHBA355i Front Tampered
Comment:# Tampered part
00e71028200dHBA355e Adapter Tampered
Comment:# Tampered part
00e71028200eHBA350i MX Tampered
Comment:# Tampered part
02b0Virtual Endpoint on PCIe Switch
02b01d490001ThinkSystem 1610-4P NVMe Switch Adapter
02b01d490002ThinkSystem 810-4P NVMe Switch Adapter
02b1Virtual Endpoint on PCIe Switch (9749)
02b11d490004ThinkSystem 1610-8P NVMe Switch Adapter
040710000530MegaRAID 530 SCSI 320-0X RAID Controller
040710000531MegaRAID 531 SCSI 320-4X RAID Controller
040710000532MegaRAID 532 SCSI 320-2X RAID Controller
040710280531PowerEdge Expandable RAID Controller 4/QC
040710280533PowerEdge Expandable RAID Controller 4/QC
040780860530MegaRAID Intel RAID Controller SRCZCRX
040780860532MegaRAID Intel RAID Controller SRCU42X
040810000001MegaRAID SCSI 320-1E RAID Controller
040810000002MegaRAID SCSI 320-2E RAID Controller
04081025004dMegaRAID ACER ROMB-2E RAID Controller
040810280001PowerEdge RAID Controller PERC4e/SC
040810280002PowerEdge RAID Controller PERC4e/DC
040810280012PowerEdge RAID Controller RAC4
040810280015PowerEdge RAID Controller PERC5
040810281f03PowerEdge RAID Controller PERC5
040817341065FSC MegaRAID PCI Express ROMB
040880860002MegaRAID Intel RAID Controller SRCU42E
040880863449MegaRAID Intel RAID Controller SROMBU
040910003004MegaRAID SATA 300-4X RAID Controller
040910003008MegaRAID SATA 300-8X RAID Controller
040980863008MegaRAID RAID Controller SRCS28X
040980863431MegaRAID RAID Controller Alief SROMBU42E
040980863499MegaRAID RAID Controller Harwich SROMBU42E
0411MegaRAID SAS 1068
041110001001MegaRAID SAS 8408E
041110001002MegaRAID SAS 8480E
041110001003MegaRAID SAS 8344ELP
041110001004MegaRAID SAS 8308ELP
041110001008MegaRAID SAS 84016E
04111000100cMegaRAID SATA 300-12E
04111000100dMegaRAID SATA 300-16E
041110002004MegaRAID SATA 300-8ELP
041110002005MegaRAID SATA 300-4ELP
041110338287MegaRAID SAS PCI Express ROMB
041110543016MegaRAID SAS RoMB Server
041117341081MegaRAID SAS PCI Express ROMB
0411173410a3MegaRAID SAS PCI Express ROMB
041180861001RAID Controller SRCSAS18E
041180861003RAID Controller SRCSAS144E
041180863500SROMBSAS18E RAID Controller
041180863501SROMBSAS18E RAID Controller
041180863504SROMBSAS18E RAID Controller
0413MegaRAID SAS 1068 [Verde ZCR]
041310001005MegaRAID SAS 8300XLP
0621FC909 Fibre Channel Adapter
0622FC929 Fibre Channel Adapter
06221000102044929 O Dual Fibre Channel card
0623FC929 LAN
0624FC919 Fibre Channel Adapter
0625FC919 LAN
0626FC929X Fibre Channel Adapter
0626100010107202-XP-LC Dual Fibre Channel card
0627FC929X LAN
0628FC919X Fibre Channel Adapter
0629FC919X LAN
0640FC949X Fibre Channel Adapter
0642FC939X Fibre Channel Adapter
0646FC949ES Fibre Channel Adapter
070183C885 NT50 DigitalScape Fast Ethernet
0702Yellowfin G-NIC gigabit ethernet
10e0MegaRAID 12GSAS/PCIe Unsupported SAS39xx
10e010281ae0PERC H755 Adapter - Invalid Device
10e010281ae1PERC H755 Front - Invalid Device
10e010281ae2PERC H755N Front - Invalid Device
10e010281ae3PERC H755 MX - Invalid Device
10e1MegaRAID 12GSAS/PCIe SAS39xx
10e110281ae0PERC H755 Adapter
10e110281ae1PERC H755 Front
10e110281ae2PERC H755N Front
10e110281ae3PERC H755 MX
10e11d49060aThinkSystem RAID 940-8i 4GB Flash PCIe Gen4 12Gb Adapter
10e11d49060bThinkSystem RAID 940-8i 8GB Flash PCIe Gen4 12Gb Adapter
10e11d49060cThinkSystem RAID 940-16i 8GB Flash PCIe Gen4 12Gb Adapter
10e11d49060dThinkSystem RAID 940-16i 8GB Flash PCIe Gen4 12Gb Internal Adapter
10e11d49060eThinkSystem RAID 940-32i 8GB Flash PCIe Gen4 12Gb Adapter
10e11d49060fThinkSystem RAID 940-8e 4GB Flash PCIe Gen4 12Gb Adapter
10e2MegaRAID 12GSAS/PCIe Secure SAS39xx
10e210004000MegaRAID 9560-16i
Comment:# 9560 16 internal port RAID controller
10e210004010MegaRAID 9560-8i
Comment:# 9560 8 internal port RAID controller
10e210004020MegaRAID 9580-8i8e
Comment:# 9580 8 internal & 8 external port RAID controller
10e2100040b0MegaRAID 9562-16i
Comment:# MegaRAID 9562-16i 9562 16 internal port RAID controller
10e210281ae0PERC H755 Adapter
10e210281ae1PERC H755 Front
10e210281ae2PERC H755N Front
10e210281ae3PERC H755 MX
10e210282171PERC H750 Mini
10e210282176PERC H750 Adapter
10e21d49060aThinkSystem RAID 940-8i 4GB Flash PCIe Gen4 12Gb Adapter
10e21d49060bThinkSystem RAID 940-8i 8GB Flash PCIe Gen4 12Gb Adapter
10e21d49060cThinkSystem RAID 940-16i 8GB Flash PCIe Gen4 12Gb Adapter
10e21d49060dThinkSystem RAID 940-16i 8GB Flash PCIe Gen4 12Gb Internal Adapter
10e21d49060eThinkSystem RAID 940-32i 8GB Flash PCIe Gen4 12Gb Adapter
10e21d49060fThinkSystem RAID 940-8e 4GB Flash PCIe Gen4 12Gb Adapter
10e21d490610ThinkSystem RAID 940-16i 4GB Flash PCIe Gen4 12Gb Adapter
10e280864000RAID Controller RS3P4TF160F
10e280864020RAID Controller RS3P4MF088F
10e3MegaRAID 12GSAS/PCIe Unsupported SAS39xx
10e310281ae0PERC H755 Adapter - Tampered Device
10e310281ae1PERC H755 Front - Tampered Device
10e310281ae2PERC H755N Front - Tampered Device
10e310281ae3PERC H755 MX - Tampered Device
10e4MegaRAID 12GSAS/PCIe Unsupported SAS38xx
10e5MegaRAID 12GSAS/PCIe SAS38xx
10e6MegaRAID 12GSAS/PCIe Secure SAS38xx
10e610282172PERC H355 Adapter
10e610282173PERC H355 Front
10e610282174PERC H350 Mini
10e610282177PERC H350 Adapter
10e61d490505ThinkSystem RAID 540-8i PCIe Gen4 12Gb Adapter
10e61d490506ThinkSystem RAID 540-16i PCIe Gen4 12Gb Adapter
10e7MegaRAID 12GSAS/PCIe Unsupported SAS38xx
196010000518MegaRAID 518 SCSI 320-2 Controller
196010000520MegaRAID 520 SCSI 320-1 Controller
196010000522MegaRAID 522 i4 133 RAID Controller
196010000523MegaRAID SATA 150-6 RAID Controller
196010004523MegaRAID SATA 150-4 RAID Controller
19601000a520MegaRAID ZCR SCSI 320-0 Controller
196010280518MegaRAID 518 DELL PERC 4/DC RAID Controller
196010280520MegaRAID 520 DELL PERC 4/SC RAID Controller
196010280531PowerEdge Expandable RAID Controller 4/QC
196010280533PowerEdge Expandable RAID Controller 4/QC
196080860520MegaRAID RAID Controller SRCU41L
196080860523MegaRAID RAID Controller SRCS16
3050SAS2008 PCI-Express Fusion-MPT SAS-2
6001DX1 Multiformat Broadcast HD/SD Encoder/Decoder
c010PEX88048 50 lane, 50 port, PCI Express Gen 4.0 ExpressFabric Platform
c012PEX880xx PCIe Gen 4 Switch
c0121d490003ThinkSystem 1611-8P PCIe Gen4 NVMe Switch Adapter

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