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Vendor ID: 0x1044
This is: Adaptec (formerly DPT)

List of devices and subsystems:

PCI DevicePCI SubVendorPCI SubDeviceName
1012Domino RAID Engine
a400SmartCache/Raid I-IV Controller
a500PCI Bridge
a501SmartRAID V Controller
a5011044c001PM1554U2 Ultra2 Single Channel
a5011044c002PM1654U2 Ultra2 Single Channel
a5011044c003PM1564U3 Ultra3 Single Channel
a5011044c004PM1564U3 Ultra3 Dual Channel
a5011044c005PM1554U2 Ultra2 Single Channel (NON ACPI)
a5011044c00aPM2554U2 Ultra2 Single Channel
a5011044c00bPM2654U2 Ultra2 Single Channel
a5011044c00cPM2664U3 Ultra3 Single Channel
a5011044c00dPM2664U3 Ultra3 Dual Channel
a5011044c00ePM2554U2 Ultra2 Single Channel (NON ACPI)
a5011044c00fPM2654U2 Ultra2 Single Channel (NON ACPI)
a5011044c014PM3754U2 Ultra2 Single Channel (NON ACPI)
a5011044c015PM3755U2B Ultra2 Single Channel (NON ACPI)
a5011044c016PM3755F Fibre Channel (NON ACPI)
a5011044c01ePM3757U2 Ultra2 Single Channel
a5011044c01fPM3757U2 Ultra2 Dual Channel
a5011044c020PM3767U3 Ultra3 Dual Channel
a5011044c021PM3767U3 Ultra3 Quad Channel
a5011044c028PM2865U3 Ultra3 Single Channel
a5011044c029PM2865U3 Ultra3 Dual Channel
a5011044c02aPM2865F Fibre Channel
a5011044c03c2000S Ultra3 Single Channel
a5011044c03d2000S Ultra3 Dual Channel
a5011044c03e2000F Fibre Channel
a5011044c0463000S Ultra3 Single Channel
a5011044c0473000S Ultra3 Dual Channel
a5011044c0483000F Fibre Channel
a5011044c0505000S Ultra3 Single Channel
a5011044c0515000S Ultra3 Dual Channel
a5011044c0525000F Fibre Channel
a5011044c05a2400A UDMA Four Channel
a5011044c05b2400A UDMA Four Channel DAC
a5011044c0643010S Ultra3 Dual Channel
a5011044c0653410S Ultra160 Four Channel
a5011044c0663010S Fibre Channel
a511SmartRAID V Controller
a5111044c032ASR-2005S I2O Zero Channel
a5111044c035ASR-2010S I2O Zero Channel
c0663010S Ultra3 Dual Channel

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