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Vendor ID: 0x10c8
This is: Neomagic Corporation

List of devices and subsystems:

PCI DevicePCI SubVendorPCI SubDeviceName
0001NM2070 [MagicGraph 128]
0002NM2090 [MagicGraph 128V]
0003NM2093 [MagicGraph 128ZV]
0004NM2160 [MagicGraph 128XD]
0004101400baMagicGraph 128XD
000410251007MagicGraph 128XD
000410280074MagicGraph 128XD
000410280075MagicGraph 128XD
00041028007dMagicGraph 128XD
00041028007eMagicGraph 128XD
00041033802fMagicGraph 128XD
0004104d801bMagicGraph 128XD
0004104d802fMagicGraph 128XD
0004104d830bMagicGraph 128XD
000410ba0e00MagicGraph 128XD
000410c80004MagicGraph 128XD
000410cf1029MagicGraph 128XD
000410f78308MagicGraph 128XD
000410f78309MagicGraph 128XD
000410f7830bMagicGraph 128XD
000410f7830dMagicGraph 128XD
000410f78312MagicGraph 128XD
0005NM2200 [MagicGraph 256AV]
0005101400ddThinkPad 570
000510280088Latitude CPi A
0006NM2360 [MagicMedia 256ZX]
000610140152ThinkPad 600X
0016NM2380 [MagicMedia 256XL+]
001610c80016MagicMedia 256XL+
0025NM2230 [MagicGraph 256AV+]
0083NM2093 [MagicGraph 128ZV+]
8005NM2200 [MagicMedia 256AV Audio]
80050e11b0d1MagicMedia 256AV Audio Device on Discovery
80050e11b126MagicMedia 256AV Audio Device on Durango
8005101400ddThinkPad 390/i1720/i1721
800510251003MagicMedia 256AV Audio Device on TravelMate 720
800510280088Latitude CPi A
80051028008fMagicMedia 256AV Audio Device on Colorado Inspiron
8005103c0007MagicMedia 256AV Audio Device on Voyager II
8005103c0008MagicMedia 256AV Audio Device on Voyager III
8005103c000dMagicMedia 256AV Audio Device on Omnibook 900
800510c88005MagicMedia 256AV Audio Device on FireAnt
8005110a8005MagicMedia 256AV Audio Device
800514c00004MagicMedia 256AV Audio Device
8006NM2360 [MagicMedia 256ZX Audio]
8016NM2380 [MagicMedia 256XL+ Audio]

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Version: 2021.10.19
Date: 2021-10-19 03:15:02



Developer: SerhiiPechenin