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Vendor ID: 0x1133
This is: Dialogic Corporation

List of devices and subsystems:

PCI DevicePCI SubVendorPCI SubDeviceName
7701Eiconcard C90
7711Eiconcard C91
7901EiconCard S90
7902EiconCard S90
7911EiconCard S91
7912EiconCard S91
7921Eiconcard S92
7941EiconCard S94
7942EiconCard S94
7943EiconCard S94
7944EiconCard S94
7945Eiconcard S94
7948Eiconcard S94 64bit/66MHz
9711Eiconcard S91 V2
9911Eiconcard S91 V2
9941Eiconcard S94 V2
9a41Eiconcard S94 PCIe
b921EiconCard P92
b922EiconCard P92
b923EiconCard P92
e001Diva Pro 2.0 S/T
e002Diva 2.0 S/T PCI
e003Diva Pro 2.0 U
e004Diva 2.0 U PCI
e005Diva 2.01 S/T PCI
e006Diva CT S/T PCI
e007Diva CT U PCI
e008Diva CT Lite S/T PCI
e009Diva CT Lite U PCI
e00aDiva ISDN+V.90 PCI
e00bDiva ISDN PCI 2.02
e00cDiva 2.02 PCI U
e00dDiva Pro 3.0 PCI
e00eDiva ISDN+CT S/T PCI Rev 2
e010Diva Server BRI-2M PCI
e010110a0021Fujitsu Siemens ISDN S0
e011Diva Server BRI S/T Rev 2
e012Diva Server 4BRI-8M PCI
e01311331300Diva V-4BRI-8 PCI v2
e0131133e013Diva 4BRI-8 PCI v2
e014Diva Server PRI-30M PCI
e015Diva PRI PCI v2
e016Diva Server Voice 4BRI PCI
e017Diva Server Voice 4BRI Rev 2
e0171133e017Diva Server Voice 4BRI-8M 2.0 PCI
e01811331800Diva V-BRI-2 PCI v2
e0181133e018Diva BRI-2 PCI v2
e019Diva Server Voice PRI Rev 2
e0191133e019Diva Server Voice PRI 2.0 PCI
e01aDiva BRI-2FX PCI v2
e01bDiva Server Voice BRI-2M 2.0 PCI
e01b1133e01bDiva Server Voice BRI-2M 2.0 PCI
e01c11331c01Diva PRI/E1/T1-8 PCI v3
e01c11331c02Diva PRI/T1-24 PCI(e) v3
e01c11331c03Diva PRI/E1-30 PCI(e) v3
e01c11331c04Diva PRI/E1/T1-CTI PCI(e) v3
e01c11331c05Diva V-PRI/T1-24 PCI(e) v3
e01c11331c06Diva V-PRI/E1-30 PCI(e) v3
e01c11331c07Diva Server PRI/E1/T1-8 Cornet NQ
e01c11331c08Diva Server PRI/T1-24 Cornet NQ
e01c11331c09Diva Server PRI/E1-30 Cornet NQ
e01c11331c0aDiva Server PRI/E1/T1 Cornet NQ
e01c11331c0bDiva Server V-PRI/T1-24 Cornet NQ
e01c11331c0cDiva Server V-PRI/E1-30 Cornet NQ
e01e11331e01Diva 2PRI/E1/T1-60 PCI v1
e01e1133e01eDiva V-2PRI/E1/T1-60 PCI v1
e02011332001Diva 4PRI/E1/T1-120 PCI v1
e0201133e020Diva V-4PRI/E1/T1-120 PCI v1
e02211332200Diva V-Analog-2 PCI v1
e0221133e022Diva Analog-2 PCI v1
e02411332400Diva V-Analog-4 PCI v1
e0241133e024Diva Analog-4 PCI v1
e02811332800Diva V-Analog-8 PCI v1
e0281133e028Diva Analog-8 PCI v1
e02aDiva IPM-300 PCI v1
e02cDiva IPM-600 PCI v1
e02e11332e01Diva V-4BRI-8 PCIe v2
e02e1133e02eDiva 4BRI-8 PCIe v2
e03211333201Diva V-BRI-2 PCIe v2
e0321133e032Diva BRI-2 PCIe v2
e034Diva BRI-CTI PCI v2

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Date: 2021-10-19 03:15:02



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