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Vendor ID: 0x114f
This is: Digi International

List of devices and subsystems:

PCI DevicePCI SubVendorPCI SubDeviceName
0002AccelePort EPC
0003RightSwitch SE-6
0004AccelePort Xem
0005AccelePort Xr
0006AccelePort Xr,C/X
0009AccelePort Xr/J
000aAccelePort EPC/J
000cDataFirePRIme T1 (1-port)
000dSyncPort 2-Port (x.25/FR)
0011AccelePort 8r EIA-232 (IBM)
0012AccelePort 8r EIA-422
0013AccelePort Xr
0014AccelePort 8r EIA-422
0015AccelePort Xem
0016AccelePort EPC/X
0017AccelePort C/X
001aDataFirePRIme E1 (1-port)
001bAccelePort C/X (IBM)
001cAccelePort Xr (SAIP)
001dDataFire RAS T1/E1/PRI
001d114f0050DataFire RAS E1 Adapter
001d114f0051DataFire RAS Dual E1 Adapter
001d114f0052DataFire RAS T1 Adapter
001d114f0053DataFire RAS Dual T1 Adapter
0023AccelePort RAS
0024DataFire RAS B4 ST/U
0024114f0030DataFire RAS BRI U Adapter
0024114f0031DataFire RAS BRI S/T Adapter
0026AccelePort 4r 920
0027AccelePort Xr 920
0028ClassicBoard 4
0029ClassicBoard 8
0034AccelePort 2r 920
0035DataFire DSP T1/E1/PRI cPCI
0040AccelePort Xp
0040114f0042AccelePort 2p PCI
0040114f0043AccelePort 4p PCI
0040114f0044AccelePort 8p PCI
0040114f0045AccelePort 16p PCI
0040114f004eAccelePort 32p PCI
0042AccelePort 2p
0043AccelePort 4p
0044AccelePort 8p
0045AccelePort 16p
004eAccelePort 32p
0070Datafire Micro V IOM2 (Europe)
0071Datafire Micro V (Europe)
0072Datafire Micro V IOM2 (North America)
0073Datafire Micro V (North America)
00b0Digi Neo 4
00b1Digi Neo 8
00c8Digi Neo 2 DB9
00c9Digi Neo 2 DB9 PRI
00caDigi Neo 2 RJ45
00cbDigi Neo 2 RJ45 PRI
00ccDigi Neo 1 422
00cdDigi Neo 1 422 485
00ceDigi Neo 2 422 485
00d0ClassicBoard 4 422
00d1ClassicBoard 8 422
00f1Digi Neo PCI-E 4 port
00f4Digi Neo 4 (IBM version)

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