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Vendor ID: 0x1166
This is: Broadcom

Comment: # nee ServerWorks

List of devices and subsystems:

PCI DevicePCI SubVendorPCI SubDeviceName
0005CNB20-LE Host Bridge
0006CNB20HE Host Bridge
0007CNB20-LE Host Bridge
0008CNB20HE Host Bridge
0009CNB20LE Host Bridge
0012CMIC-WS Host Bridge (GC-LE chipset)
0013CNB20-HE Host Bridge
0014CMIC-LE Host Bridge (GC-LE chipset)
0015CMIC-GC Host Bridge
0016CMIC-GC Host Bridge
0017GCNB-LE Host Bridge
0031HT1100 HPX0 HT Host Bridge
0036BCM5785 [HT1000] PCI/PCI-X Bridge
0101CIOB-X2 PCI-X I/O Bridge
0103EPB PCI-Express to PCI-X Bridge
0104BCM5785 [HT1000] PCI/PCI-X Bridge
0110CIOB-E I/O Bridge with Gigabit Ethernet
0130BCM5780 [HT2000] PCI-X bridge
0132BCM5780 [HT2000] PCI-Express Bridge
013211660132HT2000 PCI-Express bridge
0140HT2100 PCI-Express Bridge
0141HT2100 PCI-Express Bridge
0142HT2100 PCI-Express Bridge
0144HT2100 PCI-Express Bridge
0200OSB4 South Bridge
0201CSB5 South Bridge
02014c531080CT8 mainboard
0203CSB6 South Bridge
020317341012PRIMERGY RX/TX series
0205BCM5785 [HT1000] Legacy South Bridge
0211OSB4 IDE Controller
0212CSB5 IDE Controller
02121028014aPowerEdge 1750
02121028810bPowerEdge 1650/2550
02124c531080CT8 mainboard
0213CSB6 RAID/IDE Controller
021310284134PowerEdge 600SC
02131028c134Poweredge SC600
021317341012PRIMERGY RX/TX series onboard IDE
0214BCM5785 [HT1000] IDE
021410280205PowerEdge 2970 HT1000 IDE
0217CSB6 IDE Controller
021710284134Poweredge SC600
021bHT1100 HD Audio
0220OSB4/CSB5 OHCI USB Controller
02204c531080CT8 mainboard
0221CSB6 OHCI USB Controller
022117341012PRIMERGY RX/TX series onboard OHCI
0223BCM5785 [HT1000] USB
022310280205PowerEdge 2970 HT1000 USB Controller
02231028020bPowerEdge T605 HT1000 USB Controller
0225CSB5 LPC bridge
0227GCLE-2 Host Bridge
022717341012PRIMERGY RX/TX series
0230CSB5 LPC bridge
02304c531080CT8 mainboard
0234BCM5785 [HT1000] LPC
023410280205PowerEdge 2970 HT1000 LPC
02341028020bPowerEdge T605 HT1000 LPC
0235BCM5785 [HT1000] XIOAPIC0-2
0238BCM5785 [HT1000] WDTimer
0240K2 SATA
0241RAIDCore RC4000
0242RAIDCore BC4000
024aBCM5785 [HT1000] SATA (Native SATA Mode)
024a1028020bPowerEdge T605 onboard SATA Controller
024bBCM5785 [HT1000] SATA (PATA/IDE Mode)
Comment:# The device starts as 024A, and changes to 024B if set to PATA mode in BIOS
024b10280205PowerEdge 2970 HT1000 SATA controller
0406HT1100 PCI-X Bridge
0408HT1100 Legacy Device
040aHT1100 ISA-LPC Bridge
040a10280223PowerEdge R905 HT1100 ISA-LPC Bridge
0410HT1100 SATA Controller (Native SATA Mode)
0411HT1100 SATA Controller (PATA / IDE Mode)
0412HT1100 USB OHCI Controller
0414HT1100 USB EHCI Controller
0416HT1100 USB EHCI Controller (with Debug Port)
0420HT1100 PCI-Express Bridge
0421HT1100 SAS/SATA Controller
0422HT1100 PCI-Express Bridge

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