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Vendor ID: 0x1179
This is: Toshiba Corporation

List of devices and subsystems:

PCI DevicePCI SubVendorPCI SubDeviceName
0102Extended IDE Controller
0103EX-IDE Type-B
010ePXP04 NVMe SSD
010fNVMe Controller
0110NVMe SSD Controller Cx5
011010281ffbExpress Flash NVMe 960G (RI) U.2 (CD5)
011010281ffcExpress Flash NVMe 1.92T (RI) U.2 (CD5)
011010281ffdExpress Flash NVMe 3.84T (RI) U.2 (CD5)
011010281ffeExpress Flash NVMe 7.68T (RI) U.2 (CD5)
011011790001KIOXIA CM5-R series SSD
011011790021KIOXIA CD5 series SSD
01101d494039Thinksystem U.2 CM5 NVMe SSD
01101d49403aThinksystem AIC CM5 NVMe SSD
0113BG3 NVMe SSD Controller
011311790001Toshiba KBG30ZMS128G 128GB NVMe SSD
0115XG4 NVMe SSD Controller
011aXG6 NVMe SSD Controller
0404DVD Decoder card
0406Tecra Video Capture device
0407DVD Decoder card (Version 2)
0601CPU to PCI bridge
060111790001Satellite Pro
0602PCI to ISA bridge
0603ToPIC95 PCI to CardBus Bridge for Notebooks
0604PCI-Docking Host bridge
060a11790001Satellite Pro
060f11790001Satellite 4010
0617ToPIC100 PCI to Cardbus Bridge with ZV Support
0618CPU to PCI and PCI to ISA bridge
0701FIR Port Type-O
0803TC6371AF SD Host Controller
0804TC6371AF SmartMedia Controller
0805SD TypA Controller
0d01FIR Port Type-DO
0d0111790001FIR Port Type-DO

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