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Vendor ID: 0x1217
This is: O2 Micro, Inc.

List of devices and subsystems:

PCI DevicePCI SubVendorPCI SubDeviceName
00f7Firewire (IEEE 1394)
00f710718209Medion MIM 2240 Notebook PC [MD98100]
00f71179ff50Satellite P305D-S8995E
10f71394 OHCI Compliant Host Controller
11f7OZ600 1394a-2000 Controller
11f7102804a3Precision M4600
13f71394 OHCI Compliant Host Controller
6832OZ6832/6833 CardBus Controller
6836OZ6836/6860 CardBus Controller
6872OZ6812 CardBus Controller
6925OZ6922 CardBus Controller
6933OZ6933/711E1 CardBus/SmartCardBus Controller
693310251016Travelmate 612 TX
6972OZ601/6912/711E0 CardBus/SmartCardBus Controller
69721014020cThinkPad R30
697210280152Latitude D500
697211790001Magnia Z310
7110OZ711Mx 4-in-1 MemoryCardBus Accelerator
7110103c088cNC8000 laptop
7110103c0890NC6000 laptop
71101734106cAmilo A1645
7112OZ711EC1/M1 SmartCardBus/MemoryCardBus Controller
7113OZ711EC1 SmartCardBus Controller
711310250035TravelMate 660
7114OZ711M1/MC1 4-in-1 MemoryCardBus Controller
7120Integrated MMC/SD Controller
712010718209Medion MIM 2240 Notebook PC [MD98100]
71201179ff50Satellite P305D-S8995E
7130Integrated MS/xD Controller
713010718209Medion MIM 2240 Notebook PC [MD98100]
71301179ff50Satellite P305D-S8995E
7134OZ711MP1/MS1 MemoryCardBus Controller
7135Cardbus bridge
7136OZ711SP1 Memory CardBus Controller
71e2OZ711E2 SmartCardBus Controller
7212OZ711M2 4-in-1 MemoryCardBus Controller
7213OZ6933E CardBus Controller
7223OZ711M3/MC3 4-in-1 MemoryCardBus Controller
7223103c088cNC8000 laptop
7223103c0890NC6000 laptop
722310cf11c4Lifebook P5020D Laptop
7233OZ711MP3/MS3 4-in-1 MemoryCardBus Controller
8120Integrated MMC/SD Controller
8130Integrated MS/MSPRO/xD Controller
8220OZ600FJ1/OZ900FJ1 SD/MMC Card Reader Controller
8221OZ600FJ0/OZ900FJ0/OZ600FJS SD/MMC Card Reader Controller
8320OZ600RJ1/OZ900RJ1 SD/MMC Card Reader Controller
8320102804a3Precision M4600
8321OZ600RJ0/OZ900RJ0/OZ600RJS SD/MMC Card Reader Controller
8330OZ600 MS/xD Controller
8330102804a3Precision M4600
8331O2 Flash Memory Card
8520SD/MMC Card Reader Controller
8621SD/MMC Card Reader Controller

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