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Vendor ID: 0x14d2
This is: Titan Electronics Inc

List of devices and subsystems:

PCI DevicePCI SubVendorPCI SubDeviceName
8001VScom 010L 1 port parallel adaptor
8002VScom 020L 2 port parallel adaptor
8010VScom 100L 1 port serial adaptor
8011VScom 110L 1 port serial and 1 port parallel adaptor
8020VScom 200L 1 or 2 port serial adaptor
8021VScom 210L 2 port serial and 1 port parallel adaptor
8028VScom 200I/200I-SI 2-port serial adapter
8040VScom 400L 4 port serial adaptor
8043VScom 430L 4-port serial and 3-port parallel adapter
8048VScom 400I 4-port serial adapter
8080VScom 800L 8 port serial adaptor
8088VScom 800I 8-port serial adapter
a000VScom 010H 1 port parallel adaptor
a001VScom 100H 1 port serial adaptor
a003VScom 400H 4 port serial adaptor
a004VScom 400HF1 4 port serial adaptor
a005VScom 200H 2 port serial adaptor
a007VScom PCI800EH (PCIe) 8-port serial adapter Port 1-4
a008VScom PCI800EH (PCIe) 8-port serial adapter Port 5-8
a009VScom PCI400EH (PCIe) 4-port serial adapter
e001VScom 010HV2 1 port parallel adaptor
e010VScom 100HV2 1 port serial adaptor
e020VScom 200HV2 2 port serial adaptor

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Date: 2021-10-11 03:15:01



Developer: SerhiiPechenin