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Vendor ID: 0x1657
This is: Cavium QLogic

Comment: # nee Brocade Communications Systems, Inc.

List of devices and subsystems:

PCI DevicePCI SubVendorPCI SubDeviceName
0013425/825/42B/82B 4Gbps/8Gbps PCIe dual port FC HBA
0013103c174282B 8Gbps dual port FC HBA
0013103c174442B 4Gbps dual port FC HBA
001316570014425/825 4Gbps/8Gbps PCIe dual port FC HBA
00141010/1020/1007/1741 10Gbps CNA
0014165700141010/1020/1007/1741 10Gbps CNA - FCOE
0014165700151010/1020/1007/1741 10Gbps CNA - LL
0017415/815/41B/81B 4Gbps/8Gbps PCIe single port FC HBA
0017103c174141B 4Gbps single port FC HBA
0017103c174381B 8Gbps single port FC HBA
001716570014415/815 4Gbps/8Gbps single port PCIe FC HBA
0021804 8Gbps FC HBA for HP Bladesystem c-class
0022BR-1860 Fabric Adapter
00221657002210Gbps CNA - FCOE
00221657002310Gbps CNA - LL
00221657002416Gbps FC HBA
00231867/1869 16Gbps FC HBA
Comment:# Mezz card for IBM
0646400 4Gbps PCIe FC HBA
Comment:# Same Device_ID used for 410 (1port) and 420 (2 port) HBAs.

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