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Vendor ID: 0x17cb
This is: Qualcomm

Comment: # nee Airgo Networks, Inc.

List of devices and subsystems:

PCI DevicePCI SubVendorPCI SubDeviceName
0001AGN100 802.11 a/b/g True MIMO Wireless Card
000113855c00WGM511 Pre-N 802.11g Wireless CardBus Adapter
000117370045WMP54GX v1 802.11g Wireless-G PCI Adapter with SRX
0002AGN300 802.11 a/b/g True MIMO Wireless Card
000213856d00WPNT511 RangeMax 240 Mbps Wireless CardBus Adapter
000217370054WPC54GX4 v1 802.11g Wireless-G Notebook Adapter with SRX400
0105MSM8998 PCIe Root Complex
0108SM8150 PCIe Root Complex
0109SA8195P PCIe Root Complex
0300MDM9x35 LTE Modem [Snapdragon X7]
0301MDM9x45 LTE Modem [Snapdragon X12]
0302MDM9x55 LTE Modem [Snapdragon X16]
0400Datacenter Technologies QDF2432 PCI Express Root Port
0401Datacenter Technologies QDF2400 PCI Express Root Port
1000QCS405 PCIe Root Complex
1101QCA6390 Wireless Network Adapter [AX500-DBS (2x2)]

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