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Vendor ID: 0x17d5
This is: Exar Corp.

Comment: # nee Neterion Inc., previously S2io Inc.

List of devices and subsystems:

PCI DevicePCI SubVendorPCI SubDeviceName
5731Xframe 10-Gigabit Ethernet PCI-X
5732Xframe II 10-Gigabit Ethernet PCI-X 2.0
5831Xframe 10-Gigabit Ethernet PCI-X
5831103c12d5PCI-X 133MHz 10GbE SR Fiber
583110a98020Single Port 10-Gigabit Ethernet (PCI-X, Fiber)
583110a98024Single Port 10-Gigabit Ethernet (PCI-X, Fiber)
5832Xframe II 10-Gigabit Ethernet PCI-X 2.0
5832103c1337PCI-X 266MHz 10GigE SR [AD385A]
583210a98021Single Port 10-Gigabit Ethernet II (PCI-X, Fiber)
583217d56020Xframe II SR
583217d56021Xframe II SR, Low Profile
583217d56022Xframe E SR
583217d56420Xframe II LR
583217d56421Xframe II LR, Low Profile
583217d56422Xframe E LR
583217d56c20Xframe II CX4
583217d56c21Xframe II CX4, Low Profile
583217d56c22Xframe E CX4
5833X3100 Series 10 Gigabit Ethernet PCIe
583317d56030X3110 Single Port SR
583317d56031X3120 Dual Port SR
583317d56430X3110 Single Port LR
583317d56431X3120 Dual Port LR
583317d57030X3110 Single Port LRM
583317d57031X3120 Dual Port LRM
583317d57430X3110 Single Port 10GBase-T
583317d57431X3120 Dual Port 10GBase-T
583317d57830X3110 Single Port 10GBase-CR
583317d57831X3120 Dual Port 10GBase-CR

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