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Vendor ID: 0x19e5
This is: Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd.

List of devices and subsystems:

PCI DevicePCI SubVendorPCI SubDeviceName
0123ES3000 V3 NVMe PCIe SSD
Comment:# subvendor
012319e53022NVMe SSD ES3600P V3 800GB 2.5" U.2
012319e53023NVMe SSD ES3600P V3 1200GB 2.5" U.2
012319e53024NVMe SSD ES3600P V3 1600GB 2.5" U.2
012319e53025NVMe SSD ES3600P V3 2000GB 2.5" U.2
012319e53026NVMe SSD ES3600P V3 3200GB 2.5" U.2
012319e53033NVMe SSD ES3600C V3 1200GB HHHL AIC
012319e53034NVMe SSD ES3600C V3 1600GB HHHL AIC
012319e53036NVMe SSD ES3600C V3 3200GB HHHL AIC
0200Hi1822 Family (2*100GE)
020019e5d139Hi1822 SP572 (2*100GE)
020019e5d13dHi1822 SC371 (2*100GE)
020019e5d147Hi1822 SP573 (2*100GE)
0202Hi1822 Family (2*32G FC)
020219e5d149Hi1822 SP528 (2*32G FC)
020219e5d302Hi1822 SP521 (2*32G FC)
020219e5d304Hi1822 SP526 (2*32G FC)
0203Hi1822 Family (2*16G FC)
020319e5d148Hi1822 SP527 (2*16G FC)
020319e5d301Hi1822 SP520 (2*16G FC)
020319e5d305Hi1822 SP525 (2*16G FC)
0205Hi1822 Family (2*100GE)
020519e5df27Hi1822 MZ731 MEZZ (2*100GE)
0206Hi1822 Family (2*25GE)
020619e5d138Hi1822 SP582 (2*25GE)
020619e5d13aHi1822 SC381 (2*25GE)
020619e5d145Hi1822 SP586 (2*25GE)
0210Hi1822 Family (4*25GE)
021019e5df2eHi1822 MZ532 MEZZ (4*25GE)
0211Hi1822 Family (4*25GE)
021119e5d12fHi1822 SP571 (4*25GE)
021119e5d137Hi1822 SP581 (4*25GE)
021119e5d142Hi1822 SP583 (4*25GE)
0212Hi1822 Family (2*8G FC)
021219e5d303Hi1822 SP522 (2*8G FC)
021219e5d306Hi1822 SP523 (2*8G FC)
1710iBMA Virtual Network Adapter
1711Hi171x Series [iBMC Intelligent Management system chip w/VGA support]
1822Hi1822 Family (4*25GE)
182219e5d129Hi1822 SP570 (4*25GE)
182219e5d136Hi1822 SP580 (4*25GE)
182219e5d141Hi1822 SP583 (4*25GE)
182219e5d146Hi1822 SP585 (4*25GE)
3714ES3000 V5 NVMe PCIe SSD
371419e55312NVMe SSD ES3500P V5 2000GB 2.5" U.2
371eHi1822 Family Virtual Bridge
3754ES3000 V6 NVMe PCIe SSD
375419e56122NVMe SSD ES3600P V6 1600GB 2.5" U.2
375419e56123NVMe SSD ES3600P V6 3200GB 2.5" U.2
375419e56124NVMe SSD ES3600P V6 6400GB 2.5" U.2
375419e56141NVMe SSD ES3800P V6 800GB 2.5" U.2
375419e56142NVMe SSD ES3800P V6 1600GB 2.5" U.2
375419e56212NVMe SSD ES3500P V6 1920GB 2.5" U.2
375419e56213NVMe SSD ES3500P V6 3840GB 2.5" U.2
375419e56214NVMe SSD ES3500P V6 7680GB 2.5" U.2
375419e56215NVMe SSD ES3500P V6 15360GB 2.5" U.2
375eHi1822 Family Virtual Function
379eHi1822 Family Virtual Function
a120HiSilicon PCIe Root Port with Gen4
a121HiSilicon PCI-PCI Bridge
a122HiSilicon Embedded DMA Engine
a124HiSilicon Internal SDI Function Engine
a125HiSilicon SDI Network Controller
a126HiSilicon SDI NVMe Storage Controller
a127HiSilicon SDI Accelerator
a12aHiSilicon Add-on PCI-PCI Bridge
a220HNS GE Network Controller
a221HNS GE/10GE/25GE Network Controller
a22119e5d14aTM280 4*25G
a22119e5d14bTM210 4*GE
a222HNS GE/10GE/25GE RDMA Network Controller
a224HNS GE/10GE/25GE/50GE RDMA Network Controller
a226HNS GE/10GE/25GE/50GE/100GE RDMA Network Controller
a22aHiSilicon Network For SDI
a22eHNS Network Controller (Virtual Function)
a22fHNS RDMA Network Controller (Virtual Function)
a230HiSilicon SAS 3.0 HBA
a235HiSilicon AHCI HBA
a238HiSilicon USB 3.0 Host Controller
a239HiSilicon USB 2.0 2-port Host Controller
a23aHiSilicon USB 2.0 Host Controller
a23bHiSilicon USB 1.1 Host Controller
a250HiSilicon ZIP Engine
a251HiSilicon ZIP Engine(Virtual Function)
a255HiSilicon SEC Engine
a256HiSilicon SEC Engine(Virtual Function)
a258HiSilicon HPRE Engine
a259HiSilicon HPRE Engine(Virtual Function)
a25aHiSilicon RDE Engine
a25bHiSilicon RDE Engine(Virtual Function)

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