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Vendor ID: 0x1d17
This is: Zhaoxin

List of devices and subsystems:

PCI DevicePCI SubVendorPCI SubDeviceName
070fZX-100 PCI Express Root Port
0710ZX-100/ZX-200 PCI Express Root Port
0711ZX-100/ZX-200 PCI Express Root Port
0712ZX-100/ZX-200 PCI Express Root Port
0713ZX-100/ZX-200 PCI Express Root Port
0714ZX-100/ZX-200 PCI Express Root Port
0715ZX-100/ZX-200 PCI Express Root Port
0716ZX-D PCI Express Root Port
0717ZX-D/ZX-E PCI Express Root Port
0718ZX-D/ZX-E PCI Express Root Port
0719ZX-D/ZX-E PCI Express Root Port
071aZX-D/ZX-E PCI Express Root Port
071bZX-D/ZX-E PCI Express Root Port
071cZX-D/ZX-E PCI Express Root Port
071dZX-D/ZX-E PCI Express Root Port
071eZX-D/ZX-E PCI Express Root Port
071fZX-200 Upstream Port of PCI Express Switch
0720ZX-200 PCIE RC6 controller
0721ZX-200 Downstream Port of PCI Express Switch
0722ZX-200 PCIE P2C bridge
1000ZX-D Standard Host Bridge
1001ZX-D/ZX-E Miscellaneous Bus
1003ZX-E Standard Host Bridge
3001ZX-100 Standard Host Bridge
300aZX-100 Miscellaneous Bus
3038ZX-100/ZX-200/ZX-E Standard Universal PCI to USB Host Controller
3104ZX-100/ZX-200/ZX-E Standard Enhanced PCI to USB Host Controller
31b0ZX-100/ZX-D Standard Host Bridge
31b1ZX-100/ZX-D Standard Host Bridge
31b2ZX-100/ZX-D DRAM Controller
31b3ZX-100/ZX-D Power Management Controller
31b4ZX-100/ZX-D I/O APIC
31b5ZX-100/ZX-D Scratch Device
31b7ZX-100/ZX-D/ZX-E Standard Host Bridge
31b8ZX-100/ZX-D PCI to PCI Bridge
3288ZX-100/ZX-D/ZX-E High Definition Audio Controller
345bZX-100/ZX-D/ZX-E Miscellaneous Bus
3a02ZX-100 C-320 GPU
3a03ZX-D C-860 GPU
3a04ZX-E C-960 GPU
9002ZX-100/ZX-200 EIDE Controller
9003ZX-100/ZX-E EIDE Controller
9045ZX-100/ZX-D/ZX-E RAID Accelerator 0
9046ZX-D/ZX-E RAID Accelerator 1
9083ZX-100/ZX-200/ZX-E StorX AHCI Controller
9084ZX-100 StorX AHCI Controller
9100ZX-200 Cross bus
9101ZX-200 Traffic Controller
9141ZX-100 High Definition Audio Controller
9142ZX-D High Definition Audio Controller
9144ZX-E High Definition Audio Controller
9180ZX-200 Networking Gigabit Ethernet Adapter
9202ZX-100 USB eXtensible Host Controller
9203ZX-200 USB eXtensible Host Controller
9204ZX-E USB eXtensible Host Controller
9286ZX-D eMMC Host Controller
9300ZX-D/ZX-E eSPI Host Controller
95d0ZX-100 Universal SD Host Controller
f410ZX-100/ZX-D/ZX-E PCI Com Port

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Version: 2021.10.11
Date: 2021-10-11 03:15:01



Developer: SerhiiPechenin