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Vendor ID: 0x1e0f
This is: KIOXIA Corporation

List of devices and subsystems:

PCI DevicePCI SubVendorPCI SubDeviceName
0007NVMe SSD Controller Cx6
000710282078DC NVMe CD6 RI 960GB
000710282079DC NVMe CD6 RI 1.92TB
00071028207aDC NVMe CD6 RI 3.84TB
00071028207bDC NVMe CD6 RI 7.68TB
00071028207cDC NVMe CD6 RI 15.36TB
00071028207eDell Ent NVMe CM6 RI 1.92TB
00071028207fDell Ent NVMe CM6 RI 3.84TB
000710282080Dell Ent NVMe CM6 RI 7.68TB
000710282081Dell Ent NVMe CM6 RI 15.36TB
000710282084Dell Ent NVMe CM6 MU 1.6TB
000710282085Dell Ent NVMe CM6 MU 3.2TB
000710282086Dell Ent NVMe CM6 MU 6.4TB
00071028210aDell Ent NVMe FIPS CM6 RI 1.92TB
00071028210bDell Ent NVMe FIPS CM6 RI 3.84TB
00071028210cDell Ent NVMe FIPS CM6 RI 7.68TB
00071028210dDell Ent NVMe FIPS CM6 RI15.36TB
00071028210eDell Ent NVMe FIPS CM6 MU 1.6TB
00071028210fDell Ent NVMe FIPS CM6 MU 3.2TB
000710282110Dell Ent NVMe FIPS CM6 MU 6.4TB
00071e0f0001Generic NVMe CM6 RI 3.84TB
0009NVMe SSD
00091e0f0001Toshiba RC500 NVMe SSD 500GB

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