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Vendor ID: 0x1e3b
This is: Shenzhen DAPU Microelectronics Co., Ltd

List of devices and subsystems:

PCI DevicePCI SubVendorPCI SubDeviceName
1098Haishen NVMe SSD
10981e3b0001Enterprise NVMe SSD U.2 0.8TB (H2100)
10981e3b0002Enterprise NVMe SSD U.2 0.96TB (H2200)
10981e3b0004Enterprise NVMe SSD U.2 1.6TB (H2100)
10981e3b0005Enterprise NVMe SSD U.2 1.92TB (H2200)
10981e3b0009Enterprise NVMe SSD U.2 0.8TB (H3100)
10981e3b000aEnterprise NVMe SSD U.2 0.96TB (H3200)
10981e3b000cEnterprise NVMe SSD U.2 1.6TB (H3100)
10981e3b000dEnterprise NVMe SSD U.2 1.92TB (H3200)
10981e3b0014Enterprise NVMe SSD U.2 3.2TB (H3100)
10981e3b0015Enterprise NVMe SSD U.2 3.84TB (H3200)
10981e3b0021Enterprise NVMe SSD U.2 6.4TB (H3100)
10981e3b0022Enterprise NVMe SSD U.2 7.68TB (H3200)
10981e3b0052Enterprise NVMe SSD U.2 0.8TB (H3900)
10981e3b0053Enterprise NVMe SSD U.2 1.6TB (H3900)
10981e3b0059Enterprise NVMe SSD U.2 0.75TB (H3900)
10981e3b0061Enterprise NVMe SSD HHHL 0.8TB (H2100)
10981e3b0062Enterprise NVMe SSD HHHL 0.96TB (H2200)
10981e3b0064Enterprise NVMe SSD HHHL 1.6TB (H2100)
10981e3b0065Enterprise NVMe SSD HHHL 1.92TB (H2200)
10981e3b006cEnterprise NVMe SSD HHHL 0.8TB (H3100)
10981e3b006dEnterprise NVMe SSD HHHL 0.96TB (H3200)
10981e3b006fEnterprise NVMe SSD HHHL 1.6TB (H3100)
10981e3b0070Enterprise NVMe SSD HHHL 1.92TB (H3200)
10981e3b007cEnterprise NVMe SSD HHHL 3.2TB (H3100)
10981e3b007dEnterprise NVMe SSD HHHL 3.84TB (H3200)
10981e3b007fEnterprise NVMe SSD HHHL 6.4TB (H3100)
10981e3b0080Enterprise NVMe SSD HHHL 7.68TB (H3200)
10981e3b008aEnterprise NVMe SSD HHHL 0.8TB (H3900)
10981e3b008bEnterprise NVMe SSD HHHL 1.6TB (H3900)
10981e3b0091Enterprise NVMe SSD HHHL 0.75TB (H3900)

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