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Vendor ID: 0x5333
This is: S3 Graphics Ltd.

List of devices and subsystems:

PCI DevicePCI SubVendorPCI SubDeviceName
0551Plato/PX (system)
563186c325 [ViRGE]
880086c866 [Vision 866]
880186c964 [Vision 964]
881086c764_0 [Trio 32 vers 0]
881186c764/765 [Trio32/64/64V+]
881286cM65 [Aurora64V+]
881386c764_3 [Trio 32/64 vers 3]
881486c767 [Trio 64UV+]
881586cM65 [Aurora 128]
883d86c988 [ViRGE/VX]
888086c868 [Vision 868 VRAM] vers 0
888186c868 [Vision 868 VRAM] vers 1
888286c868 [Vision 868 VRAM] vers 2
888386c868 [Vision 868 VRAM] vers 3
88b086c928 [Vision 928 VRAM] vers 0
88b186c928 [Vision 928 VRAM] vers 1
88b286c928 [Vision 928 VRAM] vers 2
88b386c928 [Vision 928 VRAM] vers 3
88c086c864 [Vision 864 DRAM] vers 0
88c186c864 [Vision 864 DRAM] vers 1
88c286c864 [Vision 864-P DRAM] vers 2
88c386c864 [Vision 864-P DRAM] vers 3
88d086c964 [Vision 964 VRAM] vers 0
88d186c964 [Vision 964 VRAM] vers 1
88d286c964 [Vision 964-P VRAM] vers 2
88d386c964 [Vision 964-P VRAM] vers 3
88f086c968 [Vision 968 VRAM] rev 0
88f186c968 [Vision 968 VRAM] rev 1
88f286c968 [Vision 968 VRAM] rev 2
88f386c968 [Vision 968 VRAM] rev 3
890086c755 [Trio 64V2/DX]
89005333890086C775 Trio64V2/DX
890186c775/86c785 [Trio 64V2/DX or /GX]
89015333890186C775 Trio64V2/DX, 86C785 Trio64V2/GX
8903Trio 3D business multimedia
890486c365, 86c366 [Trio 3D]
8904101400dbIntegrated Trio3D
89044843314aTerminator 128/3D GLH
89045333890486C365 Trio3D AGP
8905Trio 64V+ family
8906Trio 64V+ family
8907Trio 64V+ family
8908Trio 64V+ family
8909Trio 64V+ family
890aTrio 64V+ family
890bTrio 64V+ family
890cTrio 64V+ family
890dTrio 64V+ family
890eTrio 64V+ family
890fTrio 64V+ family
8a0186c375 [ViRGE/DX] or 86c385 [ViRGE/GX]
8a0110b41617Nitro 3D
8a0110b41717Nitro 3D
8a1010928a10Stealth 3D 4000
8a1386c360 [Trio 3D/1X], 86c362, 86c368 [Trio 3D/2X]
8a2086c794 [Savage 3D]
8a2053338a2086C391 Savage3D
8a2186c390 [Savage 3D/MV]
8a2153338a2186C390 Savage3D/MV
8a22Savage 4
8a2210338068Savage 4
8a2210338069Savage 4
8a2210338110Savage 4 LT
8a22105d0018SR9 8Mb SDRAM
8a22105d002aSR9 Pro 16Mb SDRAM
8a22105d003aSR9 Pro 32Mb SDRAM
8a22105d092fSR9 Pro+ 16Mb SGRAM
8a2210924207Stealth III S540
8a2210924800Stealth III S540
8a2210924807SpeedStar A90
8a2210924808Stealth III S540
8a2210924809Stealth III S540
8a221092480eStealth III S540
8a2210924904Stealth III S520
8a2210924905SpeedStar A200
8a2210924a09Stealth III S540
8a2210924a0bStealth III S540 Xtreme
8a2210924a0fStealth III S540
8a2210924e01Stealth III S540
8a221102101d3d Blaster Savage 4
8a221102101e3d Blaster Savage 4
8a225333810086C394-397 Savage4 SDRAM 100
8a225333811086C394-397 Savage4 SDRAM 110
8a225333812586C394-397 Savage4 SDRAM 125
8a225333814386C394-397 Savage4 SDRAM 143
8a2253338a2286C394-397 Savage4
8a2253338a2e86C394-397 Savage4 32bit
8a225333912586C394-397 Savage4 SGRAM 125
8a225333914386C394-397 Savage4 SGRAM 143
8a23Savage 4
8a25ProSavage PM133
8a2503030303D9840-60001 [Brio BA410 Motherboard]
8a26ProSavage KM133
8c1086C270-294 [SavageMX-MV]
8c1182C270-294 [SavageMX]
8c1286C270-294 [SavageIX-MV]
8c121014017fThinkPad T20/T22
8c121179000186C584 SuperSavage/IXC Toshiba
8c1386C270-294 [SavageIX]
8c1311790001Magnia Z310
8c22SuperSavage MX/128
8c24SuperSavage MX/64
8c26SuperSavage MX/64C
8c2aSuperSavage IX/128 SDR
8c2bSuperSavage IX/128 DDR
8c2cSuperSavage IX/64 SDR
8c2dSuperSavage IX/64 DDR
8c2eSuperSavage IX/C SDR
8c2e101401fcThinkPad T23
8c2fSuperSavage IX/C DDR
8d0186C380 [ProSavageDDR K4M266]
8d02VT8636A [ProSavage KN133] AGP4X VGA Controller (TwisterK)
8d03VT8751 [ProSavageDDR P4M266]
8d04VT8375 [ProSavage8 KM266/KL266]
8e402300E Graphics Processor
8e48Matrix [Chrome S25 / S27]
8e4853330130Chrome S27 256M DDR2
9043Chrome 430 GT
9045Chrome 430 ULP / 435 ULP / 440 GTX
9060Chrome 530 GT
910286C410 [Savage 2000]
910210925932Viper II Z200
910210925934Viper II Z200
910210925952Viper II Z200
910210925954Viper II Z200
910210925a35Viper II Z200
910210925a37Viper II Z200
910210925a55Viper II Z200
910210925a57Viper II Z200

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